Life Care Hospital makes use of brown and orange colours to convey what it represents and holds value as a leading healthcare provider. The sight of a man spreading the arm suggests energy and fitness of the human body and the bend of the arm with the spine icon inside refer to agility and promptness. The dual colours are visually well-balanced. The bold font for the name of the hospital has distinct lettering to enable easy reading from a distance and the focus on individual attention is also hinted at through this spaced-out arrangement of the letters.

Research reveals that brown is the colour that provides sophistication, refers to best in the class hospital environment, and also provides a comforting option for potential patients. The word CARE in brown further explains the healing touch so important in the medical field. Orange colour refers to vitality and here it connotes the hospital as the source that delivers vitality to the body, restoring good health in patients. The use of blue colour for the spine refers to the trust the patients can have in the medical team for taking specialised care of the vital part of the human body. Blue also suggests the knowledge and professionalism of the medical team. As blue is linked with the medical field, it is easy to relate to healthcare.