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The Department of Ophthalmology offers a comprehensive treatment of the eye, with a focus on pediatric ophthalmology, squint correction, and newborn screening for ROP (retinopathy of Prematurity).

The Department is known for the expert panel of doctors specializing in pediatric ophthalmology, for low vision aids and low vision assessments. Pediatric ophthalmologists at Life Care Hospital diagnose, treat, and manage children’s eye-related problems.
Life Care Hospital is fully-equipped to provide inclusive treatment for a wide array of eye-related complications in children and adults including computerized eye testing and glass prescription. Our specialization includes Amblyopia, Pediatric Cataract, Pediatric squint, Pediatric Glaucoma, Pediatric Retina, Pediatric Cornea, Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery, Refractive Error, Eye Allergies.